Friday, January 14, 2011

walking meditation

I walk in nature everyday... If the word yoga means 'to unify', my interpretation of this finds meaning in long meditative walks. I used to do these alone, now, I do this with my first-born who's content dreaming and deep methodical infant breath offers the rhythm, vision and soundtrack for my walks. Can't complain ;)

I get a lot accomplished on our long walks, and I get nothing accomplished. That is the beauty of it. This is most certainly an active form of meditation - If you do not have a regular meditation practice, I encourage you to walk. Through the seasons, where you live... find some nature and walk. I don't carry a cell phone, there are no interruptions, I am alone with my thoughts, or, if I care not think, I am alone with my nothingness- my blank slate. Everyone knows that this is the place that real creative invention comes from; the blank slate. I always take my camera, just in case... and this helps me to linger, look, breath deeply, and find starting points for new ways of looking at my world. It's nothing special... and it is. Maybe you'll try it and see what I mean ;)

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