Thursday, January 13, 2011

Respond to the call of your creative soul! Yoga, Art, Good Food, Live Creatively!

-The hero journey is inside of you; tear off the veils and open the mystery of your self. (Joseph Campbell)

 The inspiration for CreativeSoulYoga is simple; living right and in harmony with nature and making the effort towards balancing what I view as a developing state of 'confused priorities' in Western Society (perhaps the world?)... an inhospitable state of post modern social decay. That sounds so negative, yet, this is a positive blog about taking back your life! I am putting things into perspective in 2011. Mostly, this urge has been fueled by the birth of my first child; a very grounding event, to be sure! When you bring a life into the world you begin to realize the things that are really important you, at the risk of sounding cliche. I would like to involve you in my journey; as a teacher (Art and Yoga), as an individual on a journey, and as a dreamer who believes we can live harmoniously with each other and nature. Some of my goals this year both personally and professionally are as follows:

*further my own education and lead conferences on the importance of urban gardens (specifically veggie), the 100 mile diet and reducing your carbon footprint by growing your own food
*introduce my child to our own backyard haven
*conduct two retreats (one to west coast canada- vancouver island in the summer 2011 and one to the muskokas in the fall 2011) that allow others (adults) to engage in the creative arts and yoga in a safe and meaningful environment, close to nature
*take pottery lessons
*continue to commit to my Yoga teaching and personal practice.
*continue to commit and be 'fully aware' in my teaching job as an art teacher in the public sector. 

I am excited about collaborations with people I know (and new friends as well?) who are making 'it' happen in the areas of Yoga, Art, Food (nutrition, organic farmer, food cooperatives, etc), Education/life-long learning and basically just Living Well! I am inspired by my friends, both here on homeland soil and abroad who are making conscious decisions to better their lives, and the lives of those around them by being kind and aware human beings. I hope this will inspire others to come home to the capital S 'self' and love themselves, those around them and  their planet just a little bit more!

Thanks so much for visiting the CSY blog. Your support is important to me!

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