Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Abundance and Mindfulness

Spring has arrived! The yellow crocus have fiercely pushed through the trampled under brush and there is a gallery of wonderful wet earth smells everywhere. There are puddles to jump in or over, the sun is getting up with me or before me. I feel alive... It is good.

My mind perks up in these early days of spring. It's like I've had a whiff of smelling salts every time I step out the door. I've cleaned my shelved soul, opened the windows, thrown out the damaged goods and I am letting the chilled air pour into all the dank corners. I also returned to the studio. Meh.

Why, oh, why can't I find a decent place to practice yoga within twenty kms of my home? Please help.

Also, why are there so many 'new' yoga's, that claim the name of a powerful ancient soul practice, that are ALL THE SAME?

Signed, desperately seeking community, depth and mindfulness xo

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