Monday, October 15, 2012

Yoga - A Right-Brained Liberal Art!

Yoga is a right-brain dominant practice.

Here is why...

1) You need to feel it, not think it.

2) Yoga is creativity in motion. You are telling the tale of your wide life in gestures.

3) Yoga draws greatly from your spatial intelligence. The right brain is also responsible for your spatial
awareness--for instance, understanding how your body moves through space.

4) The right brain is interested in language and speech as prosody--that is, the intonation of speech and how the words are expressed. Yoga draws on the ancient art of sounding, chanting in tone, breathing into space, and primordial sound.
5) The right brain is responsible for emotion. Yoga is emotion and compassion in action.
6) The right brain searches for meaning. Yoga is meaning, it is feeling in comprehension.
7) The right brain in not analytical. Yoga poses should not be analyzed in the moment. Feel it, don't think it.
8) The right brain is concerned with understanding the 'big picture'. Yoga is the Universe. It is the big picture.
9) The right brain is intuitive. Yoga hones the intuitive self as you work through the art of mindfulness. 
10) The right brain is holistic, and integrative. Yoga draws you towards movement or stillness, guided by the constant presence of the breath. The breath draws body, mind and soul together into one.

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